Building real relationships
in the outdoors.

FCA Outdoors was created to provide opportunities for men to create relationships centered on Christ and a love for the outdoors. We believe spending time in the outdoors allows us to unplug from the busy lives we live and build true friendships.

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Mission Statement: Engage men in a relationship with Jesus Christ through the outdoors; equipping them to be the leaders in their homes and their communities that God has called them to be.

FCA Outdoors believes that men were given a responsibility to lead from the beginning of creation (Genesis 26). In today’s world, so often a man’s worth is defined by the number on his paycheck; and while providing for your family is a biblical principal, the greatest gifts that a man can give his family is his love of Christ and his time. We believe that the Bible calls men to be strong, courageous, confident, tough, and dependable while at the same time able to be sensitive, gentle, kind, compassionate, and loving. This concept is very difficult to understand and live out and we have found that the only way to begin to understand a man of this character is to know the One who lived out these traits perfectly, Jesus Christ. To truly understand what your purpose as a man is in this world is to know and be in relationship with the only REAL MAN to ever walk this earth. We are not perfect and fall short of this calling daily, but our lives, marriages, and relationships are more enjoyable and engaging when every day our lives are lived with a purpose and a goal. It is our belief that the outdoors allows for quality conversation and fellowship, enabling men to create real, lasting friendships with an eternal perspective.